Thursday, April 22, 2010

S is for Style: I have a minimal amount, so please help!

Hai guys, please see below for my real post, which is about reading. This is my frivolous catch-up post. Please feel free to skip.

I need a haircut. My last haircut was a terrible one that left me scared to darken the door of a hairdresser ever again. Even MJ noticed that it was lopsided. This is what it looked like:
Ugh. But anyway, that's my hair color and face shape. Now let's play the "Pick My New Hair Cut Because I'll Never Get Up The Courage To Go Back To A Salon If It's Not On My Blog" game. If you have an alternate suggestion, I am open to the possibilities. But here are my front runners:


Short and sassy! I'd keep my natural reddish blond, but I think I might even go with a few chunky blond streaks for fun...


Simple and straight.  Although I know I won't look like Gwyneth even with her hair. :p


Straight with some layering and long bangs...


Another cute bangs options, although I'm less likely to end up pushing this version out of my eyes 800 times a day...

Please help! My hair is now long (and full of charming split ends, I'm sure... it's been about eight months!).  Vote from now until next weekend, when I'll hit up the salon. :)


Aubrie said...

I like all of those cuts! I'd love to try a pixie cut, but I'm too much of a scardy cat. You should post a before and after picture once you get it done!

Jen said...

Well as you know I had mine all chopped off for spring time and it felt fantastic so if you are feeling extra flirty go for #1, otherwise I would shoot for Mandy Moores cut, but that could be because I'm currently watching one of her movies, so I'm probably biased!!!

Summer said...

I would go with Kristen Bell's, mainly because the texture looks closest to yours. I have a very hard time matching my texture to hair models, mostly because my hair is a lot thicker and coarser than pretty much any hair model/celebrity.

If you're afraid of the salon, I wouldn't go super-short until you find someone you're very comfortable with, because it's a lot easier to hide a botched hair job when it's a little longer than when it's only a few inches long (speaking from experience here.)

Good luck choosing one!

Kelsey said...

With your face shape, I would go with number 1! I think it would look really cute on you.

I agree with, please! :)

Lisa Marie Miles said...

I vote for #1! It would look so cute on you!

Ellie said...

I like 3, I think bangs would make a great change and show case your eyes!
I like it when hair frames one's face!

Old Kitty said...


oh wow!! I think no.1 for a totally different look but no 4 is a more gentle approach towards working to no. 1!


Good luck!!!!

Take care

Ellen Brickley said...

I think 3, but with the bangs from 4.

Which is very close to my own haircut, now that I come to think of it, but that's what I think would suit you best :)

Anonymous said...

I like them all & think they'd all work on you. But I think you'd ROCK #1.

Cynthia Reese said...

I still remember the time I came out of the salon looking like a sunburnt zebra -- red and brown stripes, so not fetching!

I'm thinking #3 ... but you'd be smashing in any of them, and I don't think your horrid-nightmare-'do looked all that horrid!

Neurotic Workaholic said...

I vote for #4, but it's hard to decide because all of them look good. It's always hard for me to decide how to do my hair too because mine is so thick and coarse; when I was in high school kids used to stick pens into my hair and I'd never even know until they started giggling about it. I had to go to ten hairstylists in Chicago before I finally found one I like. But I'm sure whichever you choose will look great!