About Me

I'm an aspiring novelist (me, and approximately 12% of the United States population). I have a few finished novels. SHARDS OF GLASS is the darkly humorous story of a blond, pathologically lying medical student being blackmailed.

THE GODDESS OF VENGEANCE WORE PINK GALOSHES is an urban fantasy about a young woman sharing her body with the disembodied Greco-Roman goddess of vengeance, Nemesis.

RECOVERING SARA is a young adult mystery about a girl whose best friend has just attempted suicide. She's trying to find out what happened to Sara because she is afraid her friend will try again.

It's taken me way too long to finish that last one, which I wrote before my best friend committed suicide, and struggled to edit after. The wish you could save someone you love, even though you can't control what they do, was something that my main character and I shared far too closely. I'm now ready to query RECOVERING SARA, and am working on some slightly less heart-wrenching projects.

I have published a few poems, in Cicada and Windhover, and a few short stories, in Daily Science Fiction and Stanley the Whale.

Now, getting to the personal stuff (as if there's anything more personal than what we write).  My unlikely first name is Guinevere; it was actually a toss-up for my mom between Guinevere and Cassiopia, so I have perhaps the more conservative option between the two.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere, where I devastated the offerings of several village libraries before leaving home for college.  I earned my Bachelor's in History, with minors in Law and Physics, and recently finished a Master's in Finance. I've spent several years in the Marine Corps, including a year in Iraq.  I work with IT gear, so I'm essentially a geek for both a living and as a hobby. I love to travel, and have been to all seven continents.

I'm married to a very handsome engineer, MJ, who can cook and sing, which makes up for the fact that I can't get him to read anything but fantasy novels. Our family is completed by whatever foster kitties we currently have from the SPCA. Animal rescue is my other great passion besides writing.

And we're in the middle of expanding our family. After a loss last summer, I'm pregnant again and looking forward to meeting our baby this summer. I'm getting a baby for my birthday!

This is my story. It's mostly the story of my journey in my writing and towards publication, but it's also about cats, babies, science, true love, travel, baking, and being my quirky self in an even stranger world!