Monday, April 19, 2010

P is for Playful -- Keep it fun!

In contrast to my last angst ridden post (thanks so much for all the kind comments and advice... I will survive), I thought today I'd talk about being a playful writer.  I had a writing project once that was completely whimsical, never intended for publication.  And it is completely ridiculous and over the top -- but I love it, and it was a blast to write.  I think from these little projects, the germ of something amazing can develop. We have to give ourselves permission to be a little crazy sometimes, and see where we end up!

Yes, this is going to be a short post. After work today, I spent most of my time on my lovely Stats exam, which is now wrapped up. Booya.  Tomorrow, I resume my real life. Again.

I leave you with a sampling from my story, which is actually titled CRAZY SPY TALE in Word:

She was coming back down to rejoin the party, the microdot secure in the curve of her ample breasts. Suddenly she saw him, coming up the stairs. He looked debonair in his tuxedo, a glass of champagne in each hand.

Despite the tuxedo, she recognized him. For a second she was twenty-two again, somewhere in the Middle East, lying on a poncho spread across the sand. Sweat beaded along her hairline from his presence against her side as much as from the hot breeze that brushed across her skin. Above them the stars spread across a great empty expanse, and she felt small yet wonderful. He rubbed the frosty bottle of beer across her bare skin, leaving wet droplets, bringing her back to him from a far place. He put his mouth down on her skin to kiss away each drop, his deep brown eyes fixed on her face. For a night, they had forgotten the war.
She realized she had stopped and she continued down the stairs, moving with natural grace, her hips swinging gently against the confines of her silky evening gown.

They met on the stairs. His eyes did not register surprise, and she wondered how he had known to find her. He handed her one glass of champagne. “You’re beautiful tonight, my dear.”
“Only tonight?” she asked. She smiled mischievously over the champagne flute before she sipped.
“Every night,” he said. He brushed his fingertips across her cheek, his look curiously haunted. “Never more then now.”
“You always were a charmer,” she said. “You’ve always known the right thing to say.”
Those brown eyes sparkled with faint golden flecks, and for a second time had no meaning to her. The high, windswept places of Afghanistan merged seamlessly with this ballroom in an Eastern European embassy.
“Always?” he asked. “We’ve only met tonight. I made my inquiries, quite conspicuously, about the beautiful blond in the blue gown. They said your name was Melanie Evans, a notable American journalist.”

What's the craziest thing you've ever written? What do you write just for yourself?


Jen said...

Fun Post!!!

Umm the craziest thing I've ever written would have to be The Collector it's about a serial killer who collects women, paints their picture and then buries them in front of a tree he planted only to hang their picture up after he's finished. Twisted and it was one of the most terrifying dreams I've ever had... it will haunt me but I wrote about it and it will most likely become a novel one day!!!

Everything I write is for myself :)

Stephanie Thornton said...


I used to write at a collaborative role play site. I wrote Renaissance characters and some fun scifi stuff. But with two books in the works I don't have time for that anymore!

Ellen Brickley said...

At the moment I'm writing a story about some knights, just for the laugh. Imagine Stardust crossed with The Princess Bride minus the jokes :p That's definitely just for me because, well, who would read such a thing?

I loved this extract, Guinevere, thanks for sharing!

Old Kitty said...


I loved this excerpt - for some reason I was picturing a debonair Daniel Craig about to seduce a gorgeous Nicole Kidman!!


I'm so glad you are feeling a fun and frizzy today! Yay!!

Sometimes it's great to be like this - writing is so stressful! Well done with the Stats exam.

I tend to write erotica for myself! And maybe a special extra someone..! LOL!

Take care

shadowspring said...

LOL- loved reading this! Fun, fun, fun.

Lisa and Laura said...

Great post and a steamy excerpt. Love it.

I think our blog showcases our most random writing. And we do that just for ourselves. It's fun to be able to let loose a little.

Summer said...

Hmm. Pretty much all my paranormal stuff is for myself, because it's my favorite genre. But when I was around 12, I did write a really long Star Wars fanfiction. *blush*

Word ver: truth

Yup, that was the truth.

Shelley Sly said...

Oohh very nice! I enjoyed reading this!

I used to write miscellaneous stories, whatever came to mind, before I began writing novels. Since then I've been a little more serious about what I write, but I used to let loose and have fun. I remember I enjoyed giving characters superpowers from time to time.