Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNo Day 4; Or, The Demon That Can't Spell

How's NaNo going for those of you who are doing it? I'm just over 5k but haven't started writing yet today... I'm about to get going, I promise!

I've been flip-flopping back and forth on whether I made the right decision on Bodie's Men.

Perspective 1: This book is HARD for me. It feels strange to write about the Marine Corps, and stranger still to write Bodie's perspective, which on her bad days really involves the uglier side of my emotions - a fair amount of jealousy, insecurity, and bitterness. So it's great that I'm just dumping this out on the page for NaNo, because otherwise, I'd probably never write the damn thing!

Perspective 2: I shouldn't have tackled this without a detailed outline. Especially not with the crazy dual plotline structure of the novel which I probably don't have the writing skizzles to pull off yet. Bound would have been a MUCH more straightforward story to write for NaNo, and straightfoward is probably good when you're trying to write 2k a day. OMG, this writing is terrible. TERRIBLE! Am I possessed? BY A DEMON THAT CAN'T EVEN SPELL?

Perspective 3: Well, I'm already 5k in, so terrible or not, I'm going to keep writing.


No, but really, I'm having fun.

On a side note, I didn't get a lot of responses to the two contests I'm running. :( So, I am blatantly cheating and extending their dates.  What? It's my blog, I can do that, right? My apologies to those of you who have already entered and are waiting on me, I just want to give lots of attention to Citrus Tree and Tamara Hart Heiner for participating on the blog, and I think maybe I didn't do enough promoting.

So, I'm giving away a $10 gift certificate to Amazon if you go here (before November 19!)

And I'm giving away an awesome free art print from Citrus Tree if you go here (also before November 19!)


Old Kitty said...

Glad to hear your are enjoying your Nano!!! :-)

Congratulations - 5000 words and counting!! I hope it gets easier now that you are well and truly IN your book!!! Good luck and all the best!!!

Take care

Neurotic Workaholic said...

I entered the Citrus tree contest; it looks like a cool print! Good luck with Nano. I'm jealous of everyone who gets to do it, because it sounds like fun. But I just can't do it this month unfortunately.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Don't feel bad. At least you're doing NaNo. I wussed out and am using the month to revise (and I haven't been too successful with that either).

Elizabeth Mueller said...

One of the banes that shouldn't be bothered with when NaNoing is to avoid editing. Just zip it out and don't worry about spelling or perspectives as much as you possibly can. You can always go back to it when you're done at the end of either your 50K or the month.

Good luck!

~Elizabeth :)