Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Weekly

It's that time of week... already. Is it me, or are the days just flapping their taunting little wings past us? 

Wednesday's weekly update!

The Writing Side...

Shards of Glass.... 82,226 words. It's hard to tell what my actual word count was, since I was deleting some scenes and re-writing as well as adding in a new scene or too. But yeah, I think Shards is done. Again. I'm letting it rest before I start red-penning it to fix my POV switches and "kill my darlings", as they say.

Even though I need to finish this process before I submit Shards to agent, I drafted my query letter so that I can work that into perfection by the time my novel is ready to ship, if requested.

I did some work on Bodie's Men... 203 words. What? My focus was on Shards. I'm struggling with Bodie's Men, too, because I know too much about what I'm trying to write, which is as challenging in its own way as knowing too little. Yeah. That's a blog post of its own.

And I got a rejection back from Hunger Mountain for my SS, "Bookworm". But it doesn't hurt my feelings. Hmph.

The Reading Side...
I loved Lady Vernon and Her Daughter by the Rubino mother-daughter team.  It's an adaptation of Austen's epistolary piece, Lady Susan. The tone was perfect, the characters sympathetic, the plot believable.  If you're an Austen fan, I think this book is a safe bet.

P.S. I think I like it better than the original. Sorry, Jane.

And I read The Lightning Thief, the first in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.  I enjoyed this. It's not quite my style, perhaps because I don't read many MG type books anymore, but I thought it was definitely well-written and entertaining MG stuff.

So... how'd your week go?


Jen said...

Cute hummingbird!!! I love that you wrote "What?" after the 402 words of Bodies Men... that was too cute!!! Way to go for writing!

I had a rough beginning but since being able to write again last night I am starting to feel light, free and fantastic!!!

Hey I meant to ask, I emailed you the $10 Amazon gift card, did you ever get it?! I hate to know that you never got it!!!

Summer said...

Sorry about the rejection! But I think "hmph" is a good attitude. I'd love to see a blog post about knowing too much about your idea, because it's something I can relate to.

Guinevere said...

Jen, I did receive it! I already spent it too. :p Thanks sooo much... buying books with contest winning is even more fun than buying books usually is. I picked up some 2010 debut YA novels, All Unquiet Things and Scones & Sensibility. I'm planning to give them away on the blog once I've read them, too!

Thanks Summer! I'll have that blog post out soon... it's such a weird feeling!

Stephanie Thornton said...

I'll have to check out your first recommendation. I loved the entire Percy Jackson series, but the movie was AWFUL!

I'm contemplating blogging about it, but it was so abysmal I'm not sure I can even manage that.


Congrats on finishing Shards!

Guinevere said...

Good to know, Stephanie. I was thinking about seeing the movie, but if it wasn't any good, I'll skip it. I think you should blog about it, personally. :p

Julie Dao said...

Congrats on finishing your WIP! I haven't read any of the Percy Jackson series but I intend to soon. And thank you for the book recommendation - I'm a big Austen fan so I'll definitely be checking the Rubino books out. Thanks!

Julie said...

My son is reading The Lightening Thief right now and I'm thinking about borrowing it when he's done. I'm a big Harry Potter fan so thought it might be my taste.