Thursday, April 14, 2011

J is for the joke on me

I posted last month about how bad things tend to come in threes, and that was true for us (Recap here). First our car died, and it was going to cost as much to (maybe) fix it as it was worth. Our dishwasher died (in the middle of a big home reno project, too, which was a nice touch). And then, the third thing that I didn't want to post about, was that MJ lost his job.

But he got a new job! Yay! Knowing what so many are going through in this economy and job market, I recognize we are so, so blessed. And I'm really not complaining.

But that things about threes?

Yeah, my washing machine just broke.


Ricky said...

Hopefully 3 good things will happen now.

Jeanne said...

It's really true. I always find them in threes. Liked reading about you. I will be back to see what you are doing for the A-Z's.

Jeanne said...

OH, most important part. I love it that you foster cats for the ASPCA. I have 2 of my own and my son has 3 so we are big cat lovers. I wish I could help more by fostering but we have our hands full right now. We do help stray kitties and find them homes.