Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not quite the Wednesday Weekly, not quite writer's block...

...but right now is a bit like a writer's jam. I'm just creeping along with my word count, turning up the radio and resisting the urge to swerve onto the sidewalk.

I'm just over 41k on The Goddess of Vengeance Wore Pink Galoshes (about 14k added this past week, for those of you keeping track, by which I mean, Mom. Maybe). Which means I am in the middle.

You know what I would say if you inquired about the plan for the middle?

"So yeah, then this happens, somehow, and this other thing. And then the end! The end's going to be great!"

Then I would retreat into the corner with my dark chocolate M&Ms, organic Newman-O's, and laptop, and resume typing out a single sentence at a time. This sentence would be punctuated by long breaks and looks of deep concern. And M&M munching.

I'm trying to write a pivotal scene right now, the one where Lauren confesses to her boyfriend Jake that she's been possessed by a Greco-Roman goddess. He's just witnessed her intervene in a crime and toss a guy about by flicking her wrist in his general direction, so he knows something's up.

But what in the world would you tell your significant other if they told you they were possessed?

No, seriously, what would you tell them? How would you react? I need to know.

I asked my very helpful M.J. this, wanting the male perspective, and he said, "I'd tell you, sure, sweetie, whatever you say."

"Erm, wouldn't you be worried about my mental health if I said I was possessed by a disembodied goddess?"

"I'd treat you just the same as always."

"Excuse me?"

"I just mean, I love you and whatever crazy things you might say wouldn't change the way I felt or how I reacted to you."

Then the conversation went rather off the tracks and became non-writing related, so nevermind that.

In other news, I also took some time off from The Goddess this week to send out a few pieces (two poems), so we'll see what comes of that. I think I take rejection very well (I'm going to thank the unrequited love of my freshman and sophomore years at college for that), but submitting is scary every. single. time.

PeepsI desperately need to update my Reads page with what else I've been reading. However, one delicious book that stands out from this past week is Peeps by Scott Westerfield (author of Uglies, and by the way, I really want the linked box set). Very fun, quick-paced and surpisingly logical vamp story.

So tell me, darlings, what's up in your own imagined worlds, of both writing and reading? And seriously. How would you respond if someone told you something nuts?


Stephanie Thornton said...

I definitely don't know what I'd do if my husband told me he was possessed. Look at him like he was crazy? (Well, he married me so he is.)

Good luck with your word count!

JP said...

I'd tell my girlfriend to prove it.

Old Kitty said...

If my loved one told me he was possessed by a greco-roman goddess I'd first say "really?" then "how'd you know?" then "wow!" then "Why you and not me?!?!?!"


Good luck with your poetry submissions!!!!! And progress with your WIP is still progress no matter how many M&M breaks you have so pat yourself on the back and keep going! Yay!

Take care

Ellen Brickley said...

My MC has just come barrelling down a secret flight of stairs in a mansion (a mansion he lives in, actually) and found himself in the pantry. He must now go out into the woods with his comrades and meet his fate.

Gosh, my book sounds terrifically crap when I put it like that, doesn't it? I hope it isn't *that* bad.

Lynn Colt said...

"That's great, honey. Pass the salt?" Lol. But seriously, I'd probably figure he was joking, and when I realized he wasn't I'd want to see some kind of demonstration.

Good luck with the middle!

PS love the blog redesign :)

Summer said...

My husband and I reassure each other regularly that we'll believe if one of us gets possessed/gets super-powers/bitten by vampire/etc. Besides, hubby can't lie to me; he gets this twitch at his mouth that he can't control. Mwahaha...

I'm in middle-ground blues too (48k). Just trying to slug on through it...

Janet Johnson said...

When someone tells me something crazy (like the possessed thing), I'd smile and back away slowly. :)

Guinevere said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I'm pretty sure I'd also give my husband the crazy eyes. And then I'd have a few questions, trying to gauge whether to load him into the car and head to the ER or not. lol.

JP, that's not a bad idea!

Old Kitty, I knew you would take it in stride if such a thing happened. But only because the Brits all seem pretty resilient in Doctor Who. ;)

Guinevere said...

Ellen, I think a lot of times our stories sound terrible when we try to describe the WIP, but that doesn't really reflect the final product! That's why I often hate writing about my work in progress - I end up feeling a bit insecure about my direction.

Thanks, Lynn! I think that's a pretty reasonable reaction, and the sort of thing my MC's boyfriend, Jake, would probably do.

Summer, that's cute about your husband! Good luck with your middle slump; this is the hardest part. Lots of momentum in the beginning, but soon we'll get to the momentum of the ending... just a bit of wading to get through first.

Janet, I think that's a very understandable reaction to something so crazy! :)

prashant said...

Good luck with your word count!
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