Monday, June 7, 2010

Guinevere in Threes/More Bloggy Goodness

Lynn of Type a Little Faster tagged me, and now here is Guinevere in Threes.

Three names I go by:
1. Guinevere. Although no one calls me Guinevere except store associates and my mother.
2. Guin. Pronounced "Gwen", just not spelled that way. Someone tried to tell me Guin is a different pronunciation. I'm generally the only Guin in the room, therefore, I consider myself the authority on how to pronounce it.
3. Mrs. MJ'sLastName.  I consider myself a pretty staunch feminist, but I took my husband's last name. Why? Because it's pretty. My maiden name was pretty much Ethnicowski, and while I was proud to be Ethnicowski, MJ's nice Anglo-Saxon last sounds better with my unusual first name. One of them had to go - signing Guinevere Ethnicowski wore out the writing muscles I need for my fiction.

I don't care if you call me Ms. or Mrs., although the latter makes me look around for my mother-in-law.

Three jobs I've had:
1. Selling Avon, mostly Mark, in college. This was really just to get free make-up.
2. Substitute teaching.
3. Being a Marine.
(The first two are a bit of a stretch honestly given how much I did of both - the Marine Corps paid for my college and then has been my only real job)

Three places I've been and loved:
1. New Zealand. Auckland, Christchurch, it's all lovely. I can't wait to go back, but there's so much I want to show MJ there I don't know where to start.
2. Germany. I've been to Berlin, Munich and Garmisch and love them all. I'd consider going expat for a few years to either Germany or New Zealand.
3. San Diego, CA. I lived here for two years and I love it - still miss San Diego like crazy!

Three movies I love:
1. Black Snake Moan. For being about love of the non-romantic/non-parent variety, which is truly a rarity in Hollywood.
2.  True Romance. The best thing Tarantino was involved with, before he was caught up in his own hype (Big ugh to Hostel and the Grindhouse series).
3. Star Wars. I am un-apologetically dorky about Star Wars.

Three TV shows I can't miss:
1. Glee
2. Fringe
3. Chuck
Those are the only three shows I go out of my way to watch (Bones and The Office also used to be contenders, but have lost a lot of ground as they sometimes seem stale now)

Three books I recently read and loved:
1. Nation by Terry Pratchett
2. Love and Other Impossible Pursuits by Ayelet Waldman
3. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

Three things I'm really, really looking forward to:
1. Fourth of July weekend/my return home from this trip/my birthday (all the same weekend!)
2. Finishing the rough draft of The Goddess of Vengeance Wore Pink Galoshes
3. Our big trip next spring to England and Ireland, if MJ and I can get enough clarity in our work schedules to actually book it one of these days.

It's always hard to pick bloggers out of our neat little community here, but here's my three:
1. Old Kitty
2. Jacki
3. Jen
I'd love to learn more about any of you, so please feel free to consider this passed to you if you're interested! :)
Also, since I have a lot of non-writing related stuff I want to, well, write (let's not get caught up in the semantic of that), I've another blog started for everything else: fashion, food, finances, life.  Cats will make an appearance on both blogs, of course, cats being the awesomest.  I just don't want to bog this blog down with too many non-writing related pieces, but please visit my other blog too:
La Dolce Vita, La Vita Dura
(The Good Life, The Hard Life - because I don't believe those two things are always mutually exclusive)

I have a post up on there now about my adventures in Augusta yesterday, writing up a storm, visiting the art museum, and going to the movies by myself. With my very own crap photography to boot! :)


Piedmont Writer said...

Fun post! It's always nice when these come around, we get to learn something new about you.

Congrats on the new blog. It sounds like fun!

Best of luck with Pink Galoshes, I just love that title! I'm trying hard to finish my own before 4th of July. need more time.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Oh cool tag game! I hadn't seen this one before. It was great to get to know you better.

Good luck with all your trips and finishing your wip. :)

Tiffany Neal said...

What a fun post! Enjoyed learning new interesting things about you!

I also want to get my WIP done soon! Good luck!

Jacki said...

I had a good chuckle at Ethnicowski. The reason you took MJ's name is the reason I didn't take XH's name ... mine's prettier! Haha. Love how someone tried to instruct you on how to pronounce Guin. Helpful of them to know your name better than you do!

So New Zealand is as wonderful as all that? It's number 1 on my "dream vacations" list.

I'm excited to start reading your other blog. I started with an "other things" blog and am now just kicking off a writing one ... whee!

And ooh, I've been tagged! Unless there's another ... nope it's me! Yay. I'll do this one on my writing blog for sure.

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

This is my first visit to your blog so this post was perfect! I got to learn so much about you. I am from Northern California and I love San Diego too. I had my bachelorette party there! My mother is English so I have spent tons of time there, let me know if you want any recs for your trip!

Old Kitty said...

You were a marine?!?! Wow!!! Wow again! LOL!

That's just so excellent to know!
I have to admit that I keep pronouncing your name as Gwinovere - but from now on you shall be GwEnovere!:-)

I love the three things you are looking forward to do - all wonderful things. And so glad you enjoyed Nation by TP!! I loved that book, loved it.

Yay!! I got tagged too, thank you so much!

And I've gone and followed your other lovely blog!

Take care

Guinevere said...

Thanks Piedmont! I hope you're able to finish your novel as planned.

Thanks, Stina! I love these, too. :)

Tiffany, good luck with your WIP!

Guinevere said...

Jacki, I think a pretty last name is that important. lol. If MJ's last name hadn't been pretty, I would have kept mine too. And New Zealand is seriously amazing. You know how some places you visit just feel like they could be home? New Zealand was like that for me. Friendly people, beautiful scenery, vibrant culture.

Rebecca, thanks, I will definitely be coming to you for recs later!

Old Kitty, thanks! I'm not anyone thinks of when they think of Marines, given my love of cats and all things pink (the latter is actual rebellion... I was a total tomboy growing up, but after wearing so much green and tan, I fell in love with pink).

notesfromnadir said...

Finally someone who's heard, seen & loved TRUE ROMANCE! I do think it's one of his best & served as a prelude to PULP FICTION. I also highly recommend both KILL BILL films. I haven't seen his latest yet, but when I have more time I'm just going to buy the DVD.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I've always wanted to go to New Zealand. It has been my long-time dream. Is it as lovely as they say?

CHUCK and FRINGE are two of my favorite shows as well. I have autographs of the entire cast of CHUCK. Just Anna Torv's autograph from FRINGE.

Am I a fanboy or what? Oh, and yes I have two autographs of Marlene Dietrich. I think that's what brought her ghost my way, Roland

Neurotic Workaholic said...

You're so lucky you've gotten to travel to all those cool places! I'm jealous...:)
I like your lists, too, although I have to admit I've never watched any of those shows. I do like the Glee songs, though.

筠銘 said...
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Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I think I need to come and stay w/ you for awhile. we would have a blast. that's funny that people tell you how to say your own name! how irritating! I've also been a sub, though I've never sold make-up. and I love Star Wars! I took my hubby's name b/c I'm so proud to be connected to him, but I don't like to be called Mrs. I'm Ms., which made all the ignorant junior high kids think I'm unmarried.

Guinevere said...

Lisa, I love the Kill Bill movies too. Tarantino's been a bit uneven for me. I love True Romance, really like the Kill Bills and Pulp Fiction, and then Tarantino lost me with that Grindhouse mess and Hostel. But his latest, Inglorious Basterds, is terrific. I expected to hate it (Tarantino does the Holocaust? Um...) but it was brilliant.

LOL, Roland, nothing wrong with being a fanboy! I'm glad to see another writing with such excellent taste in TV viewing. I like the shows that are a little different. Aaand New Zealand really is all that. I want to go back so badly!

Neuorotic, I'm sure you'll get your chance to travel to! I highly recommend Germany and New Zealand, they're both so beautiful and have such lively cultures.

Tamara, it sounds like we'd get along great! I don't know many women IRL who really appreciate Star Wars. :)

notesfromnadir said...

I will definitely be seeing Inglorious Basterds [I still have trouble misspelling a word!] later this month when I can have more time for movie watching.

Also, Reservoir Dogs is brilliant. If you liked Pulp Fiction, you'll like R.D.

Tried watching 1 of the Grindhouse movies & didn't see more than 20 minutes--same thing w/ Hostel.

Guinevere said...

I watched all of Deathproof, and was truly horrified, but I stuck it out and the ending was sort of decent. The other one? The zombie one? I hated it like I have rarely hated a movie before. I turned it off, yep, about 20 minutes in.

Hostel I was tricked into seeing - I was immersed in school and oblivious to pop culture, so when some friends dragged me out to the movies I was like, "Oh? Hostel? I like hostels, I stayed in a lot of those when I was in Austria..." Not prepared for a horror flick at all (which I generally try to avoid, anyway). And then I was traumatized. Good times.