Friday, May 14, 2010

Minor writing crisis: Good home, bad home?

I told y'all about Submission Sundays, where I'd try to submit something once a week (and then promptly failed to blog about it, of course).  This past Sunday I did a little hunting on duotrope and found an anthology looking for horror/suspense flash fiction, which was exactly what I wanted -- I've been looking for a home for my odd semi-humorous through-the-eyes-of-a-serial-killer flash fiction (with a happy ending) for a while now.

And I got an acceptance back.

Now, here's where my crisis comes in. I haven't sold anything to an anthology since I was 12, and that was an unsatisfying experience (never saw it in print, another writer who contributed to it told me that my story was in it, but I never received a copy). This sounds like the same sort of deal -- the payment is "exposure only", and I can't help but think -- not even a contributor's copy? Is anyone who isn't a contributor going to buy this?*

I don't know if I'm being crazy or not here. I like seeing my words in print, as we all do, but I want it to be "real". I want the process to be competitive, my work to be great when it's finally accepted, and for it to be read.  I hope you guys get what I mean here! Obviously there are great anthologies out there... I'm just worried that I might send my lovingly raised little tale to the wrong home!

I kind of want to call the anthology and ask, Dorothy style, "Are you a good home or a bad home?"  But I'll have to settle for googling (and any words of wisdom you readers have would be much appreciated!)

On a separate note (Well, not really, since we've been talkin homes), for those following the foster-kitty saga, the potential new family hasn't been able to visit yet. Hopefully they'll be meeting Buster and Bonzai this weekend -- cross your fingers for my boys!

*Yes, I realize I should have had this crisis prior to sending my flash fiction in. What can I say - I get a little swept away in the process sometimes.


Piedmont Writer said...

I know it sounds like a great idea, but to me it sounds like the same experience when you were twelve. If I were your mother, I would say, "Honey, I know this means a lot to you, but I wouldn't waste my time on this publication." That's what I would say.

And if I were you I'd check out some e-zines, that might PAY you to submit your work. I know they're out there, I saw a post about them not too long ago. I wish I had it so I could give it to you. I don't write horror.

Aubrie said...

I always start with sending my work to the pro magazines, if they reject it (which they always do) I send it to semi pro. If I have no luck there, I'll send it to a token payment ezine (like $5). I don't usually send my work to exposure only places, but I will if they have a nice website and display it online.

I hope this helps!

Jen said...

I hate when we have the crisis after something had already been done. I'm with Piedmont Writer on this one, it sounds like the same deal as last time and I would hate for you to get stuck in something that's not worth it. We all get caught up in the moment!

Old Kitty said...

Oh gosh - what a dilemma.

I'm so happy for you that your story was accepted!! But I have no idea how to discover if it's a good home or not. Maybe it's worth just ringing them just to see who they are and what their terms are - as in will they hold copyright to your story and will you be able to sell it elsewhere too?

Good Luck!!!

and thanks for the kitty adoption update - I hope the potential family get to see the lovely Buster and Bonzai soon.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments. If you find more information, you'll be able to make a wiser choice. Your instincts can also be helpful but sometimes they are too quiet when we need them.
Good luck!

Shelley Sly said...

Congrats that your story was accepted! But I'm with the others, I would exercise caution, especially since you've had an unfair situation before. Best of luck with it!

Guinevere said...

Thanks all! I think I will follow your advice and withdraw the story. I feel guilty though... from now on, I promise I'll research more!

Piedmont, I'll check on the e-zines!

Aubrie, I think that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

Aw, thanks for the reassurance, Jen!

Old Kitty, I did some googling about them and didn't turn up much... Buster and Bonzai still haven't met the potential foster parents, but I'm glad you like the updates since I love talking about my kitties!

Guinevere said...

Very true, Lynn!

Thanks, Shelley!

Kittie Howard said...

I really felt for you! I don't like it when stuff like this happens to really nice people like you. But you can't repeat what happened to you when you were younger. Hold firm; check out e-zines; and insist upon getting the proper credit due you!!