Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Which I Post Random Thoughts (And Cute Kitties!) Just To Post

Well, I finished the A-Z blogging challenge and then started slacking off, didn't I? Now I'm at work -- yes, at 930 pm -- I'll be here all night, since I have to work a 24 hour shift every once in a while  (the scary thing is I will go from here to meetings meetings meetings all day tomorrow!).  I do get to sleep from about 2-6 if nothing crazy happens.
Making ToastThere are some plus sides to being up most of the night. I plan to work on The Goddess of Vengeance like... well... like it's my job.  And I plan to finish Making Toast and Girl with a Pearl Earring. I'm in a hurry to finish up more books so I can return them to my lib when I go pick up the new ones waiting for me -- I have a couple 2010 debut novels to read!  I just finished Hex Hall, which I loved. It had great voice, great pacing, and the MC was just so funny and relatable. (Being one of those fiction multi-taskers, I am also working on Terry Pratchett's Nation -- I totally thought Terry Pratchett was a woman until checking the book flap -- as my bathtub book and Prada and Prejudice as my nightstand book)

I have a secret addictions in blogging: mommy blogs. It's enough to make me want to become a mommy blogger myself, except that my blog title would have to be Adventures of the Completely Unprepared.  Babies for me are a few years down the road. First I want to enjoy my nice furniture and travel.  I could blog about my cats, I guess!

Speaking of which... my foster kitties Buster and Bonzai have an interested family that sounds perfect! I hope they're a good match. I'm starting to get a little attached to these boys, which means they need to find their forever home ASAP before it hurts that much more to give them up!
 Bonzai Cat is more important than your book!

A few of my favorite things... foster kitties, Buffy cat (She licked Bonzai's head a few seconds after I snapped this), books and the hubs!

So yeah. I will be right here, drinking vanilla Coke and trying to write something brilliant, if you need anything. And missing my cats, who I'm sure are currently wondering a) why their kitty litter hasn't been cleaned today, b) why I'm not petting them, and c) oh yeah, where is that tall blond cat with the opposable thumbs anyway?

Also, what all are you guys doing this weekend? I realize it's only Wednesday, but I need to begin planning now for my own sanity. MJ and I are both having one hell of a long week. I'm thinking about hitting up the local Cinema 'n Drafthouse (which serves up alcoholic beverages and tasty chow along with your $5 movie), although nothing looks that spectacular... there's Cop Out, She's Out Of My League, or The Green Zone to choose from. Maybe some golf or a mountain bike trip? And of course, because there's always something to do around the house... we'll be slaying some poison ivy in the backyard and preparing the guest room for painting!


Kristin Rae said...

a 24 hour shift?!?!?! wowza. I've never stayed up 24 hours in my life...(though it sounds like you get a 4 hour nap at some point??) I think the latest I've ever done is maybe to the 4am hour, but I was pretty much a zombie by then.

For me, this weekend will probably be full of weed pulling, maybe a trip to the pre-season opening of the neighborhood pool after that, a surprise birthday party after that, and whatever mom wants to do on Sunday :)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Cute kitties!

I read Girl With a Pearl Earring a while back. It was pretty good!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

ah, so fun! I used to foster kitties, and giving them up again was always the hardest. I always hoped a family would come along and adopt them quickly.

24 hour shift, yikes! you inspire me. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

I'm currently reading Spells by Aprilynne Pike and Heroes of the Fallen by David J. West. So far enjoying both immensely!

Old Kitty said...


I just literally just finished Terry Pratchett's Nation. And it is absolutely wonderful. :-) I hope you enjoy it too. But you did make me laugh when you said you thought he was a woman! Very interesting though. For me I used to - used!- to think that whenever I see initials e.g. J.K Rowling, the author is a fella. Now I know better!

24 hour shift work?? Oh my goodness - I hope you get to at least sleep between 2-6! I hope nothing crazy happens as you say! Good luck!

Mommy blogs?!

I can't speak, I'm addicted to cat blogs! LOL!

Awww Bonzai cat is adorable - and I do hope Bonzai and Buster have found their forever home! I've always wanted to foster kitties but I'd be like you - I'd get so attached I'd not want to give them up!


I've not planned my weekend yet - but yours sounds really fun! Which film are you going to see and good luck with the ivy!

Take care

Stephany9991 said...


Summer said...

Nothing much on Saturday, and then a joint birthday/Mother's Day fest with the in-laws! Should be fun. :-)

I could never work a 24 hour shift! Geez!

Alexandra Shostak said...

Awww I LOVE the kitties! <3

Jen said...

I loved Hex Hall it rocked!!! Yikes about a 24 hour shift, I might die!!! I used to work overnights, but never 24 hours in a row, LOL good luck!!

Adorable kitties, I'm partial to all cats, even the one's who dig through garabage, they are still furry little beasts of love!

melodygreen said...

What beautiful kitties you have! I keep hearing of Hex Hall and will have to read it sometime. We have a friend coming into town this weekend... so spending time with her is the main priority!

Lynn Colt said...

Ooh I love the Drafthouse! Though I haven't been in a while.

Cute kitties :) I have two cats, also an orange one and a black/white one :)

How did the 24 hour shift go?

Guinevere said...

Kristin, I ended up with a three hour nap that was a lifesaver... I had meetings all the next day... ugh. So glad for the weekend! Hope you had a great one! :)

Stephanie, I liked it -- all Chevalier's books feel a little depressing to me, though.

Aww, Tamara, you'll be feeling my pain if this potential adoption goes through! I want my kitties to find their forever home, but man. I'm going to miss them!

Old Kitty, I'm about halfway through Nation and really enjoying it so far! Kitty blogs are probably pretty similar to mommy blogs, at least if other kitty caretakers feel the way about their cats I do about mine! lol.

Summer, hope you had a fun weekend with the joint mother's day bash! My mom lives in NY and MIL in MA, so we didn't get to see anyone for Mother's Day. :(

Guinevere said...

Thanks Alexandra! They're my babies.

LOL, Jen, working 24 hours (actually, I still have to work the workday AFTER, so longer) definitely destoys me for days! I guess I can blame that for being tardy to respond to comments. I'm a bad blogger like that! :p

Melody, hope you had fun with your friend! I definitely recommend Hex Hall.

Lynn, the drafthouse is definitely a favorite! The shift went OK, a little bit stressful and very tiring!