Friday, January 15, 2010

What would your dream office look like?

MJ and I have always had some sort of "office" while apartment-dwelling, generally a wrap-around desk that theoretically fit the two of us (but not without some elbow-banging and bickering) that housed our printer, whatever projects we were working, and both of our computers.  However, since we've both transitioned to Mac powerbooks, my usual area for writing is on the couch, with any books for reference (and my library books) piled under the coffee table. It's not the most excellent system, especially given the constant distractions working there.

However, now we have a house, with a finished basement. There's the rec room with nice built-in bookshelves, a bathroom, our laundry -- and a larger bedroom that just begs to be turned into an office. It's got me thinking about the dream components of an office, which is planned as a spring project.

So, if you could have anything you wanted in an office, what would you put together?

Here's my wish list as we design this room:

-A big wrap-around desk that comfortable seats two... MJ is going to build this for us

-Orange paint on the walls -- like this color:

I've always wanted a vibrant orange somewhere! So sick of plain white walls while renting....

-White filing cabinets to organize all the paper "stuff" I tend to collect for future reference, like these from amazon:
Euro Style Laurence Leather Hi Filing Cabinet; White Leather
-Bookshelves, of course, for the reference stuff we need in our office -- both my professional books, and my writing reference books, could use a handy home. MJ is going to build these too.

-A giant magnetized whiteboard (which will be a white wall to break up all that orange madness :p) which we'll paint onto the wall ourselves with a kit like this.

-Fun art to inspire. I like the sentiment of this vinyl wall art from Etsy's LetterExpressIt:

I also want to do some fun, colorful prints that strike my imagination, but I'm not sure which yet. Originally I was in love with some orange-and-white wallpaper with a tree and bird sihouette, which I wanted to put in oversized white frames, but now I can't find the wallpaper. Bummer.

That's what I'm thinking so far. Also, our coffee pot and coffee grinder already live down here since MJ is a coffee fiend (and we have our old apartment office set up down here). I'd like to add a mini-fridge, so I don't have to go anywhere when I am in the throes of inspiration.

What would your dream space look like? Or if you already have your perfect office, what does it look like?


Kristy said...

They have appliques you can stick on the wall and peel off when you get sick of them. I saw a gorgeous floral design on 10 Things I Hate About Me but I don't know where they bought them...

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Space. Privacy. Lots and lots of bookshelves that are ALL MINE. Warm colors and soft carpet. Lots of natural light and pretty lamps. Pictures of my kids and their artwork covering the walls.

Did I mention privacy?! :-)

Guinevere said...

Kristy, that's what the vinyl wall art I posted is too! I love some of the more abstract florals as well... I think we're going to do a cherry blossom tree applique in the living room (I love it when MJ humors me on home decor :p).

Shannon, lol on the privacy! You can tell you have kids... :) I like having MJ around when I write, as long as he deosn't try to distract me with funny videos or news articles (can you tell this is a recurring problem?)

Sister in Christ said...

You left a message on my blog and I wanted to respond.

If you had read my disclaimer, the post on which you commented, you'd realize that underlying my snarky joke is real, honest concern for these women caught up in the "fundie" lifestyle. Are all submissive doormats like my fictional blogger? No, not at all. There are some smart, funny, gifted, intelligent and caring women who subscribe to that lifestyle and who thrive in it - there are two blogs in particular that showcase wonderful women who are very happy in their choice.

The women to whom I was writing in my disclaimer are those who are without a choice, who have no idea that they can live in any which way they choose.

I do have a problem with the patriarchial fundie society that seeks to repress women's choices, their intellectual growth, their sexuality - all of the bromides to which they cling speak of how the men in their lives wish to keep them undereducated and under their thumb. Are all fundie men like this? No, there are some wonderful, caring and loving men in that lifestyle. But if not, the women have few resources to leave if they choose. Their churches tell women who are questioning their spouse's behavior are told to be more submissive. That is bad advice. There are those who read the Pearls' books and subscribe to the idea of hitting their children to teach them obedience. These are NOT good role models for these sheltered women.

I hope that most people who read that blog will react as do you - that it is a sick joke, that no one can really think like that and I'm afraid I've read enough on the internet to know there are a lot of women closer to that lifestyle than you'd think.

Guinevere said...

Sister in Christ, I understand your concerns. However, I think a spoof mocking another's religion based on "things you've read on the internet" fails to promote honest understanding or discussion. I'm sure you meant well, but I don't think it was a valuable exercise.

Donna Hole said...

Yeah, something like that; only without the bright orange - too distracting - and I'd not want to share my space. My problem now is not having a "space", office or otherwise, of my own. When my first novel sells, I'm buying a computer no one else is allowed to use and setting it up in my room - which could double as an office.

Good luck on building your dream office.


Terresa said...

Yes, the orange walls (or I'd take an orange leather sofa) and upbeat, inspirational vinyl wall letters. Love it all!

Guinevere said...

Thanks! I love that you guys are split on the orange walls -- to be honest, MJ and I are too. He's humoring me though, because I'm the writer. ;)

I've just always dreamed of using some vivid, saturated colors in my home -- so we'll see how the orange goes!