Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Weekly Update

What happened this week in my little created worlds:

BODIE'S MEN WIP: 3,746 I am 1,006 words behind on my writing goal (which is 2,500 words a week for Bodie's). But, there's a blessed long weekend coming up, so I'm going to catch up then.

SHARDS OF GLASS WIP: 62,806 words. I just eked out a few hundred more words on SHARDS (and a few more notecards outlining my plot... I thought I'd be done with this by now. Also one for the long weekend... I think I need to go to Starbucks on Saturday and just get it done).

It's frustrating being behind, especially since the goals I set were pretty modest in the first place. There was a lot going on this weekend (fostering two new kittens, my mom visiting) and work's been moderately terrible (I will spare you the tragi-comic stories that MJ has been subjected to about same).  Writing, as it so often does, got lost in the shuffle.  I am psyched for this weekend though, going out to get a caramel frappucino and play catch-up.

On the reading side: I read two books this week, Jacob Have I Loved and Going Too Far. This brings me up to seven books so far in 2010. I am SO glad I am doing the 2010 Reading Challenge, described in this post and originating from J. Kaye's book blog. I haven't set out just to read so deliberately in ages, and I feel like I'm getting back that childhood pleasure of escaping into books.

In fact, I have to tell on myself: I loved Going Too Far so much that in the middle of my workday, with only two chapters to go, I sneaked off to the ladies' room, locked myself in, and finished the book standing up in the bathroom.  (To be fair, it had already been a very, very long day. If other people can take cigarette breaks, why can't I take a fiction break?)

2010 Debut Author Challenge: Still 0/12

2010 100+ Books Challenge/50 Books Library Challenge:


Stephanie Thornton said...

You're two books ahead of me, but I'm not officially doing the challenge. We'll see what I end up with at the end of the year.

And don't worry about your word count goals- some days are easier than others, right?

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Who is the author of Going Too Far? It sounds like a good one.

Just keep plugging away at your goals. Today you may be behind, but in a few weeks you may be ahead. We tend to work in cycles. :-)

jost said...


Kasie West said...

lol I love that you snuck off to read a book in the bathroom. That truly is the sign of a good book. When I am reading a good book, too, it's all I can think about. Good luck catching up with your writing goals. It sounds like you're doing great.

Guinevere said...

Thanks, Stephanie -- I'm having a hard time getting into a writing schedule right now for some reason, thanks to work, school and my need to sleep. If I can work that out, I think the word count goals will get a lot easier again.

Shannon -- Jennifer Echols. I think this was one of my favorite YA books that I've read! I hope that my word count cycle is on an upswing... hello long weekend!

Thanks, Kasie. :) I felt like such a teenager sneaking off to read a YA book in a bathroom... it's the kind of thing I was doing as a teenager, so I guess that's why. :p I love getting that caught up in a book though!