Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Archeology of Awkward, Part Two

OMG, I was into my old journals this weekend looking for an excerpt from a letter to use in a story. I'm still searching for the excerpt.  But I've found lots of other comedic gold.  Dialogue has always been my favorite part of writing, and I faithfully recorded dialogue in my journal whenever I found it sufficiently entertaining. There's a YA novel in the making, right here...

Ex-boyfriend to me: "You're not a drama queen. Drama queens take small things  and turn them into huge things. You just... create huge things."
Me: "I've never been attracted to a guy who wasn't a shithead."
Nora (one of my best friends, on right in photo)): "Well, what guy isn't?"
Zach (Nora's boyfriend) has been attempting his usual mix of psychoanalysis and romantic fixing. You've got to give it to the boy, he's brave. He wanted to know why I'm not dating Jordan. He went through the list of positives, and then demanded, "Give me one reason why not?"

"Because!" I said. "That's not how you decide to love someone. I can't see any reason not to date you, so what the hell..."

"Oh, and what do you base your decisions off?" Zach asked. "Physical chemistry? Pheremones?"

I explained that, as great as Jordan is, I just don't feel it. I like MJ, but that's because of who he is, not because I have a position to fill. Since Zach just kept pushing, eventually I admitted, "I like the drama."

"You enjoy the whole process," Zach said. "You know what you should do? You should exclusively date guys with girlfriends. In fact, you could do even better - you should exclusively date guys with BOYFRIENDS."
But, what's a blog post without photos? And on the subject of awkwardness...
 I'll just let you leave that up to your imagination.


Trisha said...

Hey, found you on the absolutewrite forum, my username is yoghurtelf over there :)

Old Kitty said...

Well I for one think that there is nothing wrong in loving and living in the Drama of it all!!

Where would we be without the Drama!?!?!?

I love your pics!! Take care

Susan R. Mills said...

That's some great dialogue! I think you should definitely use it.

Shelley Sly said...

Those quotes are great! I used to write down funny things my friends and I said in high school and college. You're right, you could write a YA novel based on the kinds of conversations you used to have. :)

Katie said...

I have a quotes collection that is quite similar... maybe my favorite of all time was from my freshman year of college.

Amy: Girls, what are you doing in the kitchen?
Katie: [dead serious] Oh, nothing too mischievous. We'e just making ice cream sundaes with a dust buster and a microwave.

Explination: The ice cream was too hard to scoop so we put it in the microwave. Later we spilled jimmies all over the counter and cleaned them up with the dust buster.

<>< Katie

morrow said...

Very funny. I wish I had done that in some of my journals. I never write conversations down. I am going to start trying. Helps you remember a moment so much more.

W.B. said...

I now wish I kept journals of what me and my friends have said. :P

notesfromnadir said...

Fun pictures! It's important to save what you've written as you can use it later on. You've got authentic dialogue!

Missed Periods said...

I'm jealous. I wish I recorded conversations. I have, however, saved notes we passed in class, and those are hilarious.

Melissa said...

Reminder: Be Jolly By Golly Blog fest on Monday! Jen and I can't wait for your entry!

Melissa's blog.

Jen's blog.

Talli Roland said...

I love this! What great examples of dialogue and how lucky you are to have such an archive!