Friday, December 3, 2010

The Archeology of Awkward, Part One

I recently dug up my old blog that I had in college.  And it just the gold mine I thought it would be - angsty poetry, awkward photos, and a bubbly take on underage drinking, over-scheduling and varsity sports. Basically, me now, only with spikes and Smirnoff Ice and never-ending boy drama.

I thought it might be a fun thing to recycle some of these old posts... like this one with an untitled poem:

Despite the things you say
your eyes always give you away
when I catch you watching me
and your gaze pulls away
sweeping across the room--
sweeping me with you.

So go ahead and say one more time
that you'd never want to be my boy
and push me away when I put my arms
around you and say that I missed you
and when I rest my chin on your shoulder
and when I put my hand on your cheek.

You can say everything you want to say
and you can try and stop me when I touch you
Try to save your precious masculine dignity
I know my affection is blatantly obvious
but yours is too, knowing where to look
which is why I always stare back.

I think I wrote that one for Unrequited Love That Made Me Act All Emo For A Season, but I might have written it for MJ in the tumultuous early days of our, erm, "courtship". And look how it turned out! Why so angsty, Young Me?  Stop worrying... you could put that time to better use in revisions!


Abby Minard said...

Ah yes, the college years. Great poem! Thanks for sharing ;p

Old Kitty said...

Now if only I had channeled all my heartache love longings into such poetry as you have here...!!!! :-)

Wow!!! It's lovely because it's heartfelt, genuine, passionate!! I'm so glad you kept your early blog!! I so agree - what a treasure trove!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

SO glad I didn't have one of these in high school or facebook. Geez! What would I have written? I am glad I did keep journals though

Stella said...

I have about five notebooks full of the very same poem.

Kimberly Franklin said...

Great poem! You are one brave girl for sharing. Thanks!! :)

Missed Periods said...

You are a brave woman to revisit your college blog. I'm afraid to look at posts from a month ago.

Shelley Sly said...

Ah, the best part of this is that I think most/all of us can relate! You're braver than I am... I couldn't share my awkward, angsty poetry. At least yours is pretty good! ;)

Susan R. Mills said...

Ha! I love it. I found a box of old writing this weekend and there was a little angsty poetry in there. Those were the days! Those were the days!

Donna Hole said...

Fun; but yes, angsty. Ah young love. Ya know, I really don't miss it :)


morrow said...

loved it :-)

Anonymous said...

Your old angsty poetry is definitely miles above what I used to write! Good job.