Monday, October 11, 2010

Things that make me sigh

Has anyone else had terrific problems with Blogger lately? I had an admittedly (pleasantly) distracted weekend, but I did try to post a few times and it just would. not. work.  It was frustrating.

Other things that also irritate me:

1. Plagarism. There's a big blogger who copied some other content without crediting its source, which has been a big brou-ha-ha. That isn't actually what attracted my ire - I think it's wrong, but it's been addressed, moving right along. But there were people defending her by saying that a) plagiarism is not a big deal cause, well, it's the interwebs and copyright just isn't the same, wild west blah blah blah, or b) that it's ridiculous that bloggers have to cite sources like they are writing a reference paper. Erm, no.

2. Not having the satellite radio in my car working, because the guy who sold me the brand-new car is convinced that I do not have satellite radio. Even though it comes standard in the car. And the satellite radio is installed. But I need him to active my free three-month trial.  And he does not believe me.

3. The fact that I cannot fold sheets to save my life. Seriously, sheets are hard. I would happily pay someone to come in and fold my sheets for me. But I don't think that's a viable solution (anyone want to earn $10?), so no one will ever see the inside of my linen closet.

4. Good T.V. shows going bad. I've been disappointed by all my old standbys lately - Doctor Who, Glee, Fringe and Bones.  Like, there are only six hours of TV I want to watch each week. Could those hours be awesome?

5. My entire schedule. I finish grad school in the spring. Have I mentioned that lately?

However, the salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks makes me happy, I am loving the cool fall weather, and I had the chance to race golf carts around a golf course while drinking Miller Lights this weekend... so it all balances out.


Kittie Howard said...

I feel for you, sweet girl. Blogger is driving me nuts. I blogged as such my previous post and got gobs of comments from folks in the same frustrated boat. Don't know what the solution is. I did have a revenge fantasy where everybody in the world posted an On Strike post the same day, LOL.

Again, I feel for you. Have you talked to the dealership's manager? Invoke the Lemon Law if time still applies.

Plagarism is stealing. Period! It makes me sick people are defending her. That's like defending someone who robs 7-11. It's gotten so there's no accountability and people skate and that's wrong, very wrong.

I'm sending you a virtual cup of Starbucks coffee and that sweet you like. Enjoy!

Karen Strong said...

I think people who take content from other people's blogs are LAZY. Plus, it's stealing.

And don't feel bad about the sheets. I JUST learned how to fold fitted sheets. I literally screamed in happiness.

Neurotic Workaholic said...

Plagiarism is plagiarims, whether it's on a blog or in a published book. So you have every right to be irritated.

Old Kitty said...

Seriously there are people out there defending plagiarism?!?!?! Are these people for real?? *shakes head and wonders whatever next*.

Blogger has been very naughty recently!! :-)

Sheets are meant to be folded?!?! Ok. Er... (closing the airing cupboard door and locking it).

Good luck with your car radio and TV scheduling!! I've given up on my TV cos my reception is so so so bad all I'm able to get are shopping channels. I rely very heavily on BBC iplayer and such like! But I agree the autumn tv programming have been - well - a bit pants really!

Enjoy the silver linings in these annoying clouds! Take care

Lynn Colt said...

I think fitted sheets were invented to drive perfectionists crazy. Eventually I just gave up!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

I feel for you. Those are all stinkers. Sheets are almost my nemesis, but that spot is actually reserved for the giant butcher paper we use as bulletin board backing. Because it's huge. And unweildy. Sort of like.... sheets!

notesfromnadir said...

I've heard of that plagiarism case but then so much of it goes on. I read where you can find out if someone plagiarizes your work by inserting in a security phrase and then setting up a Google Alert for it.

I can't fold the bottom sheets at all--just a big pouffy mess. But I can fold top sheets!