Friday, October 30, 2009

Origins of the novelist

I sent out a short story to a magazine the other day. This was a big moment for me -- due to a lot of logistical reasons, I hadn't sent anything out since the end of 2008. But now I'm serious.

You know why? My job is not fun. At all. And I really, really would rather be making my money on this writing business.

Oh, how often are novelists born out of misery...

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Stephanie said...

Good for you!!! Submit, submit, submit!!!! Wishing you lots of luck!!

I gave up my floral career...not so much for my writing career...I could ahve done both. My work was mainly May through october (wedding season) so I could have written all winter no problem. But my heart wasn't in the floral business anymore and I wasn't making much money. I had already decided a writing career was what I'd rather be now I am pursuing it :) BUT.....hubby and I have an agreement...if by the time our son starts kindergarten, I am not making some money from my writing...I will get a job...anything. That gave me a full 5 and a half years. Our son will be 2 soon, so two of those years are gone...but I am far from where I was when he was born and much closer to being a paid author!!