Monday, January 5, 2009

Great site to check out!

Back from my irresponsibly long Christmas/NYE break (not that I was doing anything fun, but that's a story for a different blog)... I just have to give a little testimonial for a helpful resource I had to share (which is also, delightfully, free... except for the blood, sweat, tears and remote possibility of success, this writing is such a cheap business!).

This is a wonderful place to search for agents, and also a great online community for help with the business side of the writing gig. In the community, you can have your query, synopsis, first sentence/paragraph/page critiqued (the things that an agent or editor sees first). You can also find great links to industry blogs you might not have found on your own… as I explore these, I may blog about some of these blogs (Something about that delights me, but I’m easily amused).

So if you’ve made it to the “finished” stage and have a manuscript in hand (a place many writers never seem to get to), I highly recommend checking out this website. You can even friend me once you’re there… leave me a comment here with your AQ screen name and I will add you.

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