Thursday, December 4, 2008

Re-reading Shards: Small Adventures

Re-reading the novel is an adventure. Towards the end of its writing, I did not want to continue. I felt uninspired (of course if I only wrote when I felt inspired, I'd pretty much only break out my laptop during dull work meetings). It seemed like the writing was dull and I had lost the "sparkle" that is so key to my M.C. (Main Character).

But it's not like that. So far on the re-read I feel like an eager and interested reader. I didn't have that much time today but I was looking forward to getting back into the book. I really want someone else to read this, but I have to make it MY best first.

Speaking of adventures, I have a little culinary adventure to take soon. I never knew such a thing existed, and I am a little afraid to put this into my microwave:

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