Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Year of the Many Changes

One of the benefits I've found of being pregnant? Everyone has thoughts on pregnancy and children they're eager to share with you. There's always something to talk about.

One of the worst things? Everyone has thoughts... 

For the most part, I love being pregnant. I even love being "huge", as one of my coworkers often points out I am. I so many horror stories about the terrible, insensitive things people say to pregnant women, but I am either surrounded by thoughtful people or blissfully immune to insensitivity (except for the huge thing. That can stop anytime...). There was one conversation that was kind of funny, though. 

Me: "It's going to be a busy year. Leaving the Marines, having a baby, starting a new job..."

Friendly but random person with opinions: "No, that sounds like too much. You don't want to change three major things in one year."

Me: "Erm...."

The baby thing is pretty much a done deal now.

It's time for me to leave the Marine Corps, much as I love it. We aren't moving yet again (if I stay in, we'd move again this summer). Most of all, I'm not dropping my munchkin off in her dad's arm and getting on a plane to Afghanistan, so it's definitely time.

If I leave the Marine Corps, I sort of have to do something else with my life. 
So what exactly am I supposed to drop off the list?

Besides, I'm okay with a hectic, crazy year.  I'm pretty much okay with anything that isn't 2011 all over again! 

So bring it on, 2012. You're looking pretty good so far. Maybe I should be stressed about changing everything about my life, my finances and our family... but I can't focus on my worries with a baby kicking away in my belly, the cat snoozing alongside me, and spring blooming outside. 


Dianne K. Salerni said...

Ha, ha, I think you're going to have to disregard that advice and cope with the 3 changes! As you said, the baby is a done deal, and if you leave the Marines, you will need a new job.

Good luck to you! Enjoy all the changes!

Old Kitty said...

Awwww first I love your new look blog!! So pretty!

Second! Yay for you and baby and hubby!! Exciting times ahead for all of you! Take care