Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday

The Goddess of Vengeance Wore Pink Galoshes... is resting. Shh.

While I take a break before tackling revisions, I want to write more short stories and poetry. Does anyone else find it hard to resume the short forms after working on a novel for a while? I have tons of novel ideas right now, NO short story concepts.  Ghaa.

But I sent out what I have already polished, formatted and ready to go. Three stories, three poems, and a non-fiction query are out to various 'zines.

Hopefully my writing course beginning next week will help me get some inspiration up in here while I try to forget about The Goddess of Vengeance.  What do you guys find sparks inspiration?


Shari said...

Music! And driving. I get a lot of ideas in the car.

Old Kitty said...

GOOD LUCK with your stories and poetry!! Wow!!! I'm in awe!!

And ALL THE BEST with your writing course - I loved the one I finished early this year that I'm raring to do another but thought to take break and get seriously down n dirty with my slow going wip!

Inspiration: hmmm I think it's watching people!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with revisions! I'm always hit with inspiration when I don't want it! lol I'm trying to finish one wip, then another one hits me XD

Lindsey Renee Rose said...

I am apparently too much of a wind-bag to write short things. I start a short story...and it proceeds to become a novel despite my best intentions to reign it in. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

I find my dogs and my neighbor's kids are great inspiration. At least, for comedy. Even my dog's rattlesnake bite incident got turned in to a short story.

Good luck with your short stories and your writing course.

Jemi Fraser said...

I don't think I've ever tackled anything in the short story genre - everything tends to be novel length. One of these days I should try one :)

Ricky said...

The joy that my little daughter finds in everyday things is truly inspirational.