Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day to my fellow American blog-followers. :)

This is a busy weekend for me -- we put an offer in on a house yesterday (we'll see what happens-- cross your fingers for us!), we have big plans for tonight, watching the D.C. fireworks from a cute rooftop restaurant, and Monday is my birthday. But while I am excited for everything going on this weekend, I find I'm also excited for my quiet Sunday plans. Handsome needs to do some work on a project for work, so I'm going to get my nails done, then try out a new indie coffee shop (love the non-chains) and do some writing. In the midst of all this craziness, this seems like quite a treat!

Anyway, I'm out... I have a cookout to prepare for. Have a great weekend! And make some time to write! :)


Lazy Writer said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend. Good luck with the house and Happy Birthday a little early.

Guinevere said...

Thanks! The seller accepted our offer. We should be able to move in this fall. I'll get to have an office to write in! :)

Ana V. Rios said...

Congratulations on the house! It is exciting, especially if you will have your own writing space.

Happy Birthday and all the best as well!