Sunday, June 21, 2009

In which I do not completely fail at writing

I feel a little less horrid about myself as a writer already... I wrote a new scene for my fantasy novel, weighing in at 680 words - not bad work for half an hour. Not that I feel 100% sure about the writing itself (One of my characters said, and I quote, "You aren't a-bed yet, sweetness?")... but getting the words on the page is the thing, right? Anything else can be sorted out later in re-writes.

That's the theory by which I live, anyway.

Now to write a few hundred words tomorrow, too, and the next day...


Tess said...

680 words in 1/2 hour? Score! Follow the muse, right?

Lazy Writer said...

These days, I'd be happy to write a sentence in 1/2 an hour! The way I look at it is this: a book gets written one word at a time. You're 680 words closer, right?