Monday, March 23, 2009


My concentration, that is. Shot. I bounce from project to project. Yesterday I eked out almost 400 words on one novel, the day before that it was 1200 on another. I outlined a short story, but can't manage to write it in a way that even makes me want to re-read it. My obsession with professionalism, with writing every day with discipline and consistency and finishing my projects, is starting to seem laughable.

Ghaaa. Maybe we're meant to take vacations between big, soul-baring, world-changing (at least theoretically) writing projects? Or maybe I'm just too distracted by dueling piano bars, searching for the perfect Indian food, and my all-too-practical Master's degree in Finance.

Well. No one ever promised me a rose garden, as they say.


morrow said...

Good for you for doing some much writing. The amount of writing you are doing seems amazing to me. I have such a hard time staying disciplined. I was just thinking about needing a break. I just finished a education course for my masters that was very intensive, And this weekend I started the next one, and I just could not get into it. I wish my classes had breaks in between, I think that would help a lot. Your brain needs time to transition and refuel sometimes. Although the danger in that is that you will get lazy.

Guinevere said...

I am taking your comment that "your brain needs time to transition and refuel" to heart, and will not feel guilty about taking some time off. :p