Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back from hiatus

I'm back after disappearing for the last nine days. I've been traveling and without internet access, which, for a Gen Y type like myself, is fairly painful (What if someone new friends me on Facebook? What if I have important emails instead of my usual spam about travel deals and cooking lessons?). But I did manage to do some writing.

And, even if was not a productive week plus on the blogging/writing front, I am back in the states after a year abroad, which is good in and of itself. Man, I love California. I have had my In & Out burger (which, much as I love kebab, remains the best fast food in the whole wide world). I have seen the ocean (although it's far too cold to go in) and verified that there's still a lot of water in the world, even if I spent my last year far away from it. And best of all, of course, I can haz huzband. Sorry - I look at to many lolcats.

Update to come with excerpts and some interesting stuff from the industry front. But for now, I leave you with the extinct (but the archives are wonderful) Miss Snark's Blog. It's advice and derision from a literary agent... and also highly entertaining.

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