Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wine and reminiscing for the win

My best friend visited me this past weekend.  We've been friends since college, and she's one of the few people I feel totally comfortable with. I know I can share any random thought with her, without being judged (she's like a cat that way, but a much more satisfying conversationalist). We watched trashy TV, drank lots of lattes and raspberry wine, and talked about our lives.

The ways our husbands piss us off. The ways they make us melt.
Our jobs and our schedules and our co-workers. Our medical issues. Our parents.  She let me go through the story of my miscarriage again, in grisly detail (though we were in a booth at Panera at the time and I had the car keys, so I guess she didn't really have a choice on that one...). We talked about Cam, how he died, the funeral.

We reminisced about the past -- the time my car died in an intersection and we hung out with a cop in his patrol car until AAA came two hours later, the parties, the boy-troubles, the psycho roommate who stole our stuff when she moved out. We still both really hate her, by the way. We talked about where we'll be in ten years and where we'll be next summer. We made plans to see each other in Boston and to visit Indonesia and to road-trip through the Midwest neither of us have ever seen.

And somewhere along the way, between talking about all the good times in the past, venting about the hell life's been lately, and planning the good times for the future, I really started to believe I'm going to be happy again soon. The power of a best friend is an amazing thing.


Old Kitty said...

Awww yay for your best friend's visit!!! She sounds really amazing!! May you have many such reunions to come!!

p.s. raspberry wine!??! Yum!

Take care

MKHutchins said...

Couldn't find anywhere else to say this, but I wanted to tell you I loved your story. One of the best DSF's put out.

Kathleen Foucart said...

*hugs* So glad you're feeling better & I hope that feeling continues!

Anonymous said...

Just read your story Ten Speeds at the End of the World and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the story.

Good job.